Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Top Ten Best Moments of Marriage

10. Grocery shopping together, going to the gym together, decorating our place, cleaning together, eating together...anything together. We are a team and I love that.

9. Road tripping it to New York City. We didn't love NYC so much, it was way to crowded for our taste. But we loved the 10 hour drive talking, laughing, and making up car games. We cherished the uninterrupted, quality time together.

8. I love our time at night when we pray and do a Bible Study. It is so precious to me and I look forward to every evening. This is the study we are currently doing:
7. Vacationing together. There isn't a person I rather travel with! We always have so much fun and we are both so alike. We both love going to the lake or the ocean and laying out. We love trying fun new restaurants and going for long walks on the beach. We both love blowing up our rafts and floating on the water for hours. We both just love spending time together experiencing new places. We both dreamed of taking little trips when we got married and I am so glad we are living out that dream so we have no regrets. 6. Dinners together or with friends. I fall in love with Garth all over when I watch him interact with other people. He is so polite, conversational, funny, and he cooks amazing meals!
5. The wedding and honeymoon. By far the best experiences of my entire life. Everything was new and exciting and I never want to forget those precious memories.
4. I didn't think I could love Garth more than I did on the wedding day but I do. I love him more deeply and more intensely than that fabulous day. I have grown to know him even more as we have meshed our lives together and adjusted to living together.

3. Garth's surprise trip he planned for my 25th birthday. It was so special! He planned it all by himself and kept it a secret! Below are the folders of itineraries, directions and reservations he wouldn't let me see of my biithday trip to Traverse City where we stayed in a 5 star resort, went to wine tastings, a fancy restaurant, and hiking at Sleeping Bear Dunes. Perfection.
2. Waking up next to Garth everyday. I love being able to live with my best friend/soulmate. Seven months later and I still get so excited to come home to him! He makes me laugh everyday.
1. The security that he will love me forever and never leave me. It is the most amazing feeling! I get so ecstatic to think I get to spend the rest of my life with him! I'm the luckiest girl in the world.


Kate said...

You guys sound like such a fantastic couple!

mrs.leah.maria said...

What an absolutely precious list. I have many similar, but am still inspired by yours!

CalSky said...

Aww I love this list. Isn't being a newlywed amazing? You have the excitement of being married and enjoying each other for what you know will be forever. :)