Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Life Lately: Week 37

This is what the past week looked like.

A peaceful morning.

Supplier lunch at Meat.

Deer family sighting.

Team lunch at Klavon's.

That left ear, though.

Steak dinner.

I presented to over 70 of my co-workers and G brought me home flowers for doing a brave thing.

Gave blood to save a life.

I love a good cheese and cracker plate.

Game night with our neighbors.

It must be exhausting watching us do yard work.

Popcorn and Grand Hotel

I'm obsessed.

Still rocking his adorable shirt.

Took my burrito bowl to a new level by infusing the cauliflower rice with lime.

Church and lunch with our life group.

A nice day for a little festival.

I'm a nervous rex, ha!

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