Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Life Lately: Week 16

This is what the past week looked like.

Another week, another quiche.

My little cinnamon bun.

It's 5:00 somewhere.

Zoom family call.

The beginning of a beautiful sunset.

Cotton candy skies.

Spaghetti with zucchini noodles.

Evening skies.

Signs of spring.

I think spring has sprung.

The weary world rejoices.

Green smoothies are back in my life.

Stir fry is what's for dinner.

This guy.

Coffee tastes better at the lake.

And winter is back.

Snow covered flowers.

Manny and his fireplace.

Wine delivery!

Great Blue Heron!

Still Ticket to Ride obsessed.

The first room I'm focusing on is the dining room.

I have pictures ready to be hung on the wall and a new light fixture coming next week.

Trying to make the master book shelf look pretty.

What do you think?

Girls night!

He is finally starting to relax in the new house.

Delicious TJ find.

This was a light, fun read.

This view just doesn't get old.

Someone was very excited for his new bird feeder.

Snowy walk with Manny.

Watching squirrels trying to get the bird food is quite entertaining.

Hey neighbor!

Donut worry, be happy.

Happy hour!

Still a bit clingy.

Picture perfect.

That pink!

Remind me to order earlier in the day.

It took 2.5 hours for delivery, but it was worth it.

Tired pup.

Saturday morning hike.

A cormorant drying it's wings.

So. Cool.

When you're out of eggs, but you're grocery delivery doesn't come for a few more days you get Bob Evans delivered. 

I don't think I would ever have watched Tiger King if the whole world wasn't talking about it. 

But now I get it.

I'm hooked.

Already spending so much time in the screened in porch.

That water, though.

"Everything is up in the air except the source of our hope - Jesus." Pastor Noel.

Supporting a new to us local restaurant and it did not disappoint. 

Blanket hog.

Care package from our old neighbors. 

They are seriously the best.

Keep calm and stay strong.

A start to another great sunset.

Enjoying the show...er...sunset.


Isn't that the truth?!

I haven't worn jeans in five weeks.

Love this.

This meme made me laugh so I sent it to my fam.

And the dad joke was too good not to share.

This made me LOL.


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