Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Life Lately: Week 41

This is what the past week looked like, but first check out last week's post because it's been updated! :)

Being touristy. 

Ready to start exploring Vegas.

But first, brunch at Hexx.

The Paris hotel made me want to go to Paris.

The weather was perfect while we were there. 

Hot and sunny!

Party like a flock star.


This view did not get old.

We had the secret drink, Verbena, at The Chandelier Bar.

It was a tasty drink until you ate the fruit...

Then it felt like my face was going to fall off.

Secret Pizza was AMAZE.

I drove G crazy because I would refuse to get Starbucks even when we passed ten of them, ha! 

I'm anti-chain restaurants on vacay, ha!

The Linq Promenade.

Snack and drink at Off the Strip.

A little snack at Canonita while the gondolas went by.

In my happy place.

Love is all you need.

The Venitian made me want to go to Italy.

My favorite travel buddy.

G and I both agreed our best meal of the trip was this steak at Mon Ami Gabi.

I'm still thinking about the red wine butter.


Living my best life.

The Bellagio fountains are worth a trip to Vegas alone. 

We walked 37 miles in Vegas.

We saw O which was just breathtaking. Highly recc!

The sunsets in Vegas were pretty spectacular. 

Egg Slut was worth the wait.

I may have totally fangirled over Vanderpump Cocktails.

This was my fave drink of the trip.

The famous goat cheese balls!

They lived up to the hype. 

The Bellagio Gardens were stunning.

Our hotel had the best food.

I broke my vacation rule and ate at Tekka twice.

Vegas at night is magic.

I'm still not over the fountains.

The lavender lattes at District were the BEST.

I love the Vegas pool scene.

Brunch in Vegas is next level.

We finished off our trip with bottomless brunch at Primrose.

We asked for the check and our server brought us to go cups of wine, ha!

Home sweet home.

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Looks like so much fun!